You do not collect keyboards, computers, televisions, printers and other large electronics. How do I dispose of these electronics in a responsible way?

Electrobac specializes in the collection of small and medium sized electronics exclusively. Individuals can freely dispose of larger electronics in one of the drop-off points of the EPRA. If your electronic device does not fit in the bin, please do not leave it beside the bin. This may cause an inconvenience for the partner establishments hosting our bins and contributing to our collection effort.

What happens to the electronic waste that you collect?

Recycled electronic waste is sent to Canadian centres that are certified by the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO). . This organization audits and attests that the centre has and maintains rigorous norms in relation to the recycling and refurbishing of materials, as well as the destruction of personal data contained on electronic devices, all while ensuring that the electronics are not exported to developing countries. The materials derived from recycling, such as metals and plastics, are reused in the production of a myriad of new products. Electronics that are still fonctional pass through a data erasure system and undergo a series of tests. Electronic equipment considered suitable for reuse is restored for subsequent use. Otherwise, the electronic device is recycled.

Who exactly recycles or refurbishes the electronics you collect?

The only recycling facilities that receive electronics collected in our bins are those certified by the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO). A list of recycling facilities that have been selected, audited and approved can be found on the official website of the RQO.

How does the process used to wipe data from my cellphone or other electronic devices you collect work?

Today, our sensitive data is often saved on a variety of different electronic devices. It is thus important to ensure that these data are erased and do not end up in the hands of ill-intentioned people. Therefore, the electronics destined for recycling are erased by physical destruction. Electronics that are to be refurbished have their data deleted with internal and external softwares specially designed for such tasks.

Does the Electrobac bin also collect electronic waste from companies and institutions?

Electronic waste from your company or institution can be recycled in an Electrobac if you have been given permission.